Cancellation Policy:

  • Cancellation are accepted if the request is before the order is shipped.
  • Cancellation requests may not be entertained if orders have been communicated to vendors/merchants and they have initiated the shipping process.
  • Perishable items like Tempered Glasses cannot be canceled. However, refunds or replacements are possible if the delivered product is of poor quality.
  • For non-perishable items, if customers receive damaged, defective, or products not meeting expectations, they should report it to Customer Service within 7 days of receipt.
  • POWERUP reserves the right to accept or cancel of any order.

Return Policy:

  • Damaged or defective items must be reported to Customer Service within 7 days of receipt. The request will be processed after verification by the merchant.
  • If a product received does not match the description on the site or meet customer expectations, it should be reported to Customer Service within 7 days. The team will investigate the complaint and take appropriate action.
  • Products under manufacturer warranty should be reported directly to the manufacturer.

Refund Processing:

  • Refunds approved by POWERUP take 9-15 Business days to be processed and credited to the customer.

Thank you for outlining these policies, which provide clarity and assurance to customers regarding their purchases. This transparency is crucial for building trust and customer satisfaction.